Sod Installation

Check out the below guidelines for sod installation as compiled by the sod experts at Rountree Sod Service.

Soil Preparation

Clear weeds from the area that needs to be sodded. Ideally weeds should be cleared 7-10 days before sodding. Topsoil or organic matter should be added at this time as needed.

Sod Quantity

Grass is sold by the pallet. A pallet usually consists of 500 square feet of sod. To find the number of pallets required for the area, measure desired area (length and width in feet). Multiply the width times the length and then divide by 500. This will give you the number of pallets required.

Installation of Sod

Lay sod pieces in a brick pattern. Starting at the bottom of the slope lay the first row of sod in a straight line. Put the sod pieces tightly together.

Watering New Sod

Soak the sod each day for approximately two weeks, watering to a depth of 1 1/2″. Taper off to a normal watering program for your type of sod and its environment.

Fertilizing New Sod

A regular feeding program should begin three to four weeks after installation during the growing season.

Mowing New Sod

Mow sod as soon as new growth has increased by one third of the installed sod height. Do not mow before the sod has taken root.